ARMINA Evening Primrose Organic Vegetable Oil

Oenothera biennis

100% cold pressed, Extra virgin, Food grade






glass bottle with dispenser

glass bottle with dispenser


No preservatives. Food grade. Suitable for culinary use

One of the most effective carrier oils used to firm and tone skin, giving it a renewed youthfulness. Particularly rich in γ-linolenic acid, it aids in skin cell restoration. For all skin types. A gentle make up remover. Blends well with other carrier and essential oils and is thus highly suitable for body and hair massage. Deeply nourishes the hair, making it silky and vibrant


Origin: The Netherlands  Part of plant: seeds Preservatives: NO
Cold Pressed SDS: pdf file Source: cultivated
Food grade: YES Vegan: YES Organic: YES
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Botanical Name:Oenothera biennis
Parts Used:seeds
Ingredients (INCI): 

Oenothera biennis (Evening prime rose) Oil*, org

  • Organic certified


Packaging:50 ml glass bottle with dispenser
100 ml glass bottle with dispenser

How to use

  • Mix evening primrose oil with rosemary essential oil, which has also shown to help with hair loss and increase hair thickness
  • Evening Primrose Oil can be applied directly to the skin to hydrate and prevent acne.
  • Research shows that taking evening primrose oildaily for 6-12 months improves symptoms of nerve damage caused by diabetes.
  • Use as ingredient in DIY personalised facial creams
  • Anti Age serum: Mix 10 drops evening primrose with a tablespoon of pure jojoba oil, and a 1-2 drops of lavender oil to boost the effect. Apply a thin layer to your skin before bed and allow to absorb.


Effect: calming, regenerating, strengthening

  • Immune system strengthening, neuro dermatitis
  • Use as up to 100% to make a base blend for facial oil
  • Particularly beneficial for normal, dry and sensitive skin
  • Great compatibility with other cosmetic ingredients


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