ARMINA St. John’s Wort Organic Essential Oil

Hypericum perforatum

100% organic, All-natural essential oil






Origin: Bulgaria Part of plant: flowers Preservatives: NO
Steam Distilled SDS: pdf file Source: cultivated
Food grade: YES Vegan: YES Organic: YES
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Method:Direct steam distillation. Unadulterated, undiluted
Parts Used:flowers
Ingredients (INCI):Hypericum Perforatum Flower Extract* Org, Limonene**
*Organic certified
**Part of the essential oil
Chemotype:Methyl-2-octane, germacrene, α-pinene
Note:Earthy, herbaceous, rich, balsamic
Appearance:Clear liquid
Blends well with:Immortelle, Lavender, Rosemary
Packaging:Glass bottle, 5 ml, 10 ml

How to use

To treat bruises, bumps and boils

Prepare a massage blend with
• 10 drops St. John’s Wort essential oil
• 3 drops Immortelle essential oil
• 2 TBSP hazelnut oil
Mix all of the oils together and massage the blend into the affected area.

To aid inflamed, dry and irritated in healing

Make a second skin emulsion with
• 15ml Smoketree floral water
• 20ml hazelnut oil
• 6 drops of St. John’s Wort essential oil,
Mix all the ingredients, shake well and spray onto the affected area for a calming, anti-inflammatory treatment

• Allergy test: Use one drop of the essential oil and rub it on your inner forearm. Wait for 15 minutes. If there is redness, skin irritation or any allergic reaction, discontinue use immediately.



• Antimicrobial, antiseptic, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-traumatic properties
• Aids in healing damaged and bruised skin
• Alleviates depression, hysteria and lightens the mood
• Supports the treatment of cystitis, vaginitis
• Helps treat bloating, indigestion and upset stomach
• Uplifting, non-irritating oil



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