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Blend diffusers

Blends for Diffusers

Our blends are carefully and creatively concocted mixtures designed to optimize the synergistic effects of complementary essential oils. Making effective synergy blends with therapeutic value is a complex, research-directed undertaking which requires in-depth knowledge of essential oils and their effects, a theoretical understanding of what synergy is, and how it can be applied to produce the desired effect.
In order to enable our customers to enjoy the synergy of selected essential oils in a ready-to-use, convenient way our experienced aromatherapy practitioners are constantly researching and developing new blends. They are usually designed to serve a very specific purpose, such as boosting immunity, soothing flu symptoms, promoting mental clarity, encouraging relaxation, or alleviating anxiety and depression.
The blends can be used in aroma lamps, diffusers as well as to be mixed with carrier oils for massage.