Why Armina

ARMINA’s purpose is to help create a world in which people have access to information and resources they need for making the best ethical choices for themselves, for their families and the environment. We realize that this cannot happen in the short run but we are sure enough that we can achieve it. From the very beginning we have been committed to keeping both people and the environment healthy.

Hence, ARMINA is a health and beauty company whose focus will always revolve around providing consumers with products meeting the highest standards of 100% food-based, safe and certified organic. Honesty at every step of the production process helps us keep our feet firmly on the ground and curiosity enables us keep up with the times. And sometimes even be ahead of them.

Our Team

Apart from being manufacturers, it is important for us to keep raising general awareness of what real organic products are and of the positive effects they have on health and nature. We simply strive for people to naturally live better every day.

Our slogan is: Organic. Authentic. With cause.