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Our planet’s resources are limited and once they are gone our entire world will follow. By committing to a holistic approach of organic production we can ensure that no harm to the environment is done throughout the entire product life cycle. Which is more; all- natural organic products are gentle on the body and benefit your health. This is not just common sense but also confirmed by solid scientific evidence.

Without exception, all our essential and vegetable oils, flower waters and other cosmetic ingredients are organically certified. To guarantee excellent quality, for all phases of the production process ARMINA’s products are developed in compliance with the EU Council Regulation (EC) No. 834/2007 for organic farming and processing. We are certified and audited by the Control Union Certification, headquartered in The Netherlands. The widely recognized Natrue label gives our customers confidence that our cosmetic range has undergone effective and thorough assessment of its natural and organic status.

And yet, simply complying with standards of organic production does not satisfy our values. Therefore we strive to achieve a level of quality beyond obligatory regulations. ARMINA’s flower waters for example are not just a byproduct of essential oils production but obtained by direct distillation. Above all, our oils are food grade, i.e. they are good and safe enough to be taken as food.


With our feet firmly on the ground at the very source of production, we have full control over every step in the supply chain from the seed to the final product.

We are on the rose and lavender, chamomile and lemon balm fields from planting through collecting to submitting the petals and leaves to the distillery. We regularly inspect soil fertility, take care of the plants during the entire cultivation period, and monitor the processing technology and quality of the oils and the flower waters.

We are from Bulgaria and our products are Bulgarian sourced and made. Some of our raw materials and products are unique for this country. As for example the Bulgarian rose oil which is well reputed for its incomparable scent and properties.

To get convinced of the authenticity of the ingredients which cannot be sourced locally, we take our time to thoroughly research them via personal contacts and meetings as well as by conducting analyses and independent checks. For us it is crucial to know who has produced them and how.

To guarantee the highest level of purity, our essential oils are chemotyped and we deal only with oils defined by certificate of analysis. Thus we can ensure that they have not been processed, diluted or adulterated in any way with solvents or other additives.

Our extra virgin vegetable oils are mainly pressed from raw materials locally grown in Bulgaria. Those not available in Bulgaria we source abroad after thorough checks, always trying to buy directly from the grower.

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By using only all-natural, organic ingredients in our products we put our customers’ health and well-being front and centre.

At the same time, we also bear responsibility for the people who grow, harvest and process these ingredients. For example, we collaborate with small farmers and cooperatives from underdeveloped rural areas in Bulgaria. We work to secure a better deal for them while maintaining employment, thus providing an opportunity to improve their lives and plan for the future.

We also support our partners with knowhow and financing in converting to organic farming.

At ARMINA we take community engagement very seriously as a way to achieve long-term betterment of people and environmental wellbeing. For many years we have been volunteering for various causes like setting up and maintaining an organic garden in a school for children with impaired hearing; taking part in campaigns against GMO, joining clean-ups of national parks, and organising sustainability trainings for professionals, consumers and civil society representatives.

For several years we have been working with deaf children to help them grow an organic garden in the school grounds

In the organic school garden supported by volunteers from other companies

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In the age of extinction, every single step aimed at reversing the unprecedented species loss counts. By renouncing any use of pesticides and avoiding monocultures we help to preserve wildlife habitats. In spring and summer, our fragrant fields of aromatic plants are buzzing with butterflies, honey and bumble bees, and all sorts of other insects.

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With global temperatures rising and weather patterns becoming more erratic, we are keenly aware of the necessity to reduce our ecological footprint and find ways to mitigate global warming.

Artificial fertilizers used to grow cultivated plants are responsible for the majority of human activity nitrous oxide in the atmosphere. Nitrous oxide has almost 300 times the warming effect of carbon dioxide.

By exclusively relying on organic agriculture for all our ingredients, we contribute to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and improving climate resilience.

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We find, reliable, modern non-animal methods are available to resolve cosmetic safety issues and predict human response. For us it goes without saying that for all our ingredients, formulas and finished products we do not allow any kind of tests on animals.

In addition, our products are vegan meaning that we do not use any animal-derived ingredients.

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Solid waste generation is one of the major global challenges in the 21st century. We firmly believe in the principle “From cradle to cradle” as a viable solution. “From cradle to cradle” means a closed cycle of production modelled on nature’s lifecycle – everything that dies is transformed into nutrients feeding new life.

We are continuously searching for ways to apply “From cradle to cradle” in our sourcing and manufacturing process. For example, petals, leaves and other parts of the plants which remain after distillation are used as a natural fertiliser on our fields. For packaging we use recycled and recyclable PE, PET, glass and compostable paper.

For the near future, we are aiming higher by striving to achieve an even higher grade of biodegradability and recyclability of our products and packaging. For this purpose, we are planning to source all our primary packaging from 100% PCR (Post Consumer Recycled) or sustainable materials as soon as they become available on the market.

For transport protection to replace plastic bubble wrap, we have bought from Germany an AirBoy nano3 air cushion machine with biodegradable paper and PLA film rolls.

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We rely on direct relationships with farmers and processors to enhance mutual trust and transparency. By reducing the number of intermediaries in our supply chain, we not only share value creation with our partners but become dependent on each other´s success, ethics, and professionalism. As a result, we know exactly how our products are sourced, manufactured, tested and distributed at every step of the process.

Our partners from a small traditional farm in Calabria make for us fragrant orange, bergamot, lemon, mandarin and other citrus oils.