Rose, Lavender, Melissa, and all the other flowers gracefully dancing on our labels and promotional material, have been created by Pavla Otova, an artist, enthusiastic foodie and young mother. For the artful drawings Pavla was inspired by Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tale “Little Ida’s Flowers”.


Innumerable studies show that nearly half of the household waste is due to packaging. For this reason, we have decided to simply bottle our products without wrapping them in an additional box. Our labels, directly sealed on the bottle, speak enough of our quality. For the bottles, we use glass or recycled glass, PET and PE. For refill packaging, we use recycled paper bags. For transport protection, instead of plastic bubble wrap, we use an AirBoy nano3 air cushion machine with biodegradable paper film rolls.

The cardboard boxes we ship our products in throughout the world are made by persons with disabilities from the publicly run cooperative “Artistic Packaging”. By working with the cooperative, we give an opportunity to marginalized people in need to make a decent living.

By reducing packaging while at the same time using recycled materials, we make our small contribution to avoiding waste disposal, transportation, deforestation, and pollution.

We love what we do and this shows in the quality.