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We at ARMINA base our work on the knowledge and experience which have been accumulated during hundreds of years of distilling essential oils in Bulgaria. Among our consultants are experts from the Institute of Roses, Essential and Medical Cultures in the town of Kazanlak. They have preserved the traditions of manufacturing, to which we add our contemporary expertise in organic farming.


Apart from complying with minimum organic standards according to the EU Council Regulation (EC) No. 834/2007 for organic farming, we are constantly seeking to improve our farming methods as to minimize their negative impact on the environment. We know the soil we work and its needs. By developing and implementing farming practices such as mulching and composting we improve soil fertility. We have also found a method how to use the plant residue which remains after distillation as a natural fertiliser for our crops.

By searching for ways to avoid artificial fertilisers and pest control chemicals, reducing tillage to a minimum, and planting genetically diverse crops we are putting a major effort in preserving biodiversity on and around all our fields. We also put in place ecosystem services through bees pollination and provision of habitats for birds and beneficial insects.


We place a particular emphasis on the practical implementation of the latest scientific, tired and tested methods as well as on continuous monitoring of our sources of raw materials in all phases of the processing. We further use advanced tools to track and guarantee the quality of our final products.

The process of steam distillation has a very long tradition in Bulgaria. We profit not only from this know-how but also from the collaboration with Bulgarian scientists who are among the leading experts worldwide in developing cutting-edge distillation technology.

We make no compromise in the production of the carrier oils either. Without exception, they are not only cold pressed but are extracted exclusively from the first pressing and not refined. The cold pressing is conducted on a new machine from Germany, which is supplied with additional cooling technology. The latter prevents the temperature in the squeeze chamber going over 38°C, thus allowing preserving the nutrition substances in the oil such as enzymes, the heat-sensitive vitamin E and unsaturated fats.

Our high quality, food-grade oils are not only suitable for the use in cosmetics but also can be used to season salads as well as to prepare dishes and desserts.