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This one drink too much yesterday at the party, the bag of salty chips to go with the movie … The morning after, all these tiny sins are mercilessly written on your puffy face.

There is a whole lot of lotions and potions which are supposed to “depuff”. And yet, nothing seems to work if you need your face in working order in the course of the five minutes between brushing your teeth and running to catch the bus. Still, there is an exception, and luckily, an easy one. Cryomassage.

Cryomassage is a technique that uses an ice pack applied in gentle circular motions to stimulate the lymphatic system. Cold as a therapy is not exactly the latest Wim Hof gimmick. It was particularly popular with Ancient Greeks and Romans. They treated with cold headaches, sprains, stress and fatigue, and other ailments.

In skincare, massages with ice packs help to reduce puffiness, improve skin tone and achieve a vibrant complexion. To enhance the effect, we have tested the combination of cold with hydrolates and aloe vera gel. Aloe vera for its firming and anti-inflammatory properties, and hydrolates for gentle hydration. Frozen to an ice cube, they seem to work wonder.

For an ice-lift facial:

Mix thoroughly 2 parts rose water with one part Aloe vera gel. Pour the mixture into the cryo ball or simply in a mini ice cubes tray and put it in the freezer. First thing in the morning, massage the face including the eyes with the ice pack. The temperature might appear shocking at first, but you will quickly acclimatise and start feeling refreshed, awake, like new.

To fight headaches:

Pour undiluted lavender or peppermint water into the cryo-ball or in the ice cube tray. Gently massage temple, neck and forehead with the ice pack.

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