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ARMINA Peppermint Organic water

Mentha piperita
100% Organic, All natural floral water




  PE bottle with spray
  glass bottle with spray
 recycled HDPE bottle with spray
  recycled HDPE bottle with spray


No preservatives, alcohol and emulsifiers. Food grade. Suitable for culinary use.


Smells of freshly crushed peppermint leaves
Well known for its digestive, anti-inflammatory, and mind-stimulating properties


Origin: Bulgaria Part of plant: stems and leaves Preservatives: NO
Steam Distilled SDS: pdf file Source: cultivated
Food grade: YES Vegan: YES Organic: YES
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Parts Used:Stems and leaves
Ingredients (INCI):Mentha piperita Flower water*
*Organic certified
Aromatic strength:Fresh, minty, sharp, herbaceous
Packaging:50 ml PE bottle with spray
100 ml glass bottle with spray
250 ml recycled HDPE bottle with spray
500 ml recycled HDPE bottle with spray

How to use

• Spray on the face to revive during hot weather, when tired or to soothe hot flashes
• Use it as a refreshing cleanser and facial toner to stimulate healing and self regulation of the skin without drying it out
• Mist onto the décolleté as a toner for the bustline
• Mist the room while studying or writing for better concentration
• Drink it in the morning to get your body going
• Blend with Roman chamomile water (40ml peppermint, 20ml Roman chamomile) in one litre of water per day and drink when treating parasites
• Take small sips of a 50:50 dilution in spring water to combat motion sickness and nausea
• Dilute in some water to make deliciously tangy ice cubes for homemade lemonade and cocktails
• AVOID with children under the age of three
Keep in a cool, dry place. For a cooling mist, store in the fridge. Use within 8 months after opening the bottle.


Effect: Fresh, uplifting,
• Digestive, useful for treating colic, bloat, heartburn or reflux, and indigestion
• Antispasmodic, anti-inflammatory, detoxifying
• Mildly anti-bacterial
• Refreshing, mentally-stimulating
• Calming and cooling to the nerves while invigorating the brain


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