ARMINA’s products are developed according to organic standards for all phases of the production process:
-EU Council Regulation (EC) No. 834/2007 for organic farming and processing
-Natrue rules for certified natural and organic cosmetics

Simply complying with these organic minimum standards of production and processing does not satisfy our values, therefore we strive to achieve a level of quality beyond applicable regulations. ARMINA floral waters for example are not just a byproduct of essential oils production but obtained by direct distillation.

Our essential oils are chemotyped and we deal only with oils with clearly defined by certificate of analysis.

It is not just common sense but also solid scientific evidence confirms that real natural and organic products are beneficial for our body and the environment. That’s why we produce and sell excellent quality products only. All our floral waters, essential and carrier oils are organically certified and labelled by the certification bodies Austria Bio Garantie and Natrue. All our products are free of GMO as well as synthetic chemicals, colourants, and flavours. All our plants are grown without chemical fertilizers and chemical pesticides and herbicides.

We know that our planet’s resources are limited and once they are gone our entire world will follow. This is why we have chosen organic farming and organic production as the only viable alternative to save the environment.