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Rose picking 2016

Rozober 24 05 2016 (12)

Dear Friends,

We are glad to announce that the work around the new Rosa Damascena harvest is almost done!

Тhis year the harvesting season started 2 weeks earlier because of the warm spring.

The weather was a huge challenge! April is usually known to be the wettest month in Bulgaria, but in 2016 May was it too. The spring season was extremely rainy. The plenty of rain was a real test for the roses and the upcoming rose blooms to healthily develop. It was really hard to get into the flooded rose fields and some early mornings – when the harvesting takes place – were too cold.

But for all that, we are very happy to present our first Supreme Quality and Organic certified Rose Oil!


Rozober 24 05 2016 (20)Rozober 24 05 2016 (78)