With our feet firmly on the ground at the very source of production, we have full control over each step of the production process from the seed to the final product.
We are on the rose and lavender, chamomile and lemon balm fields from planting through collecting to submitting the petals and leaves to the distillery. We regularly inspect soil fertility, take care of the plants during the entire growth period, and monitor the processing technology and quality of the oils and the flower waters.

We are from Bulgaria and our products are Bulgarian sourced and made. Some of our raw materials and products are even unique for this country. As for example the Bulgarian rose oil which is well reputed for its incomparable scent and properties.

To get convinced of the authenticity of the few ingredients which cannot be sourced locally, we take our time to research through personal contacts, meetings, analyses, independent checks and expertise. For us it is crucial to know who has produced them and how.